Basic room blocks: Well, I just learned an important lesson

I’m trying to follow along and thought it was easy enough while creating the basic assets, but then I discovered they’re not truly following the grid lines when I thought they were so I’m going to have to go back and fix them so they stick to a standard proportion.

Looking at it more closely now, I realize the problem lies in creating the walls like the door and window are off scale. Going back and using the square as a reference for size should fix it. I’ll update with my findings.

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Ok, I went back and discovered the base assets I were creating had some errors in them, like the wall was way off scale in comparison and some of the building blocks were skewed in z access from me editing them.

I went through a thorough process of making sure everything snapped to the grid and everything stayed within the gridline measurements to each other. Some of the ‘detail’ meshes went over so I scaled them back. After fixing these errors, I then discovered another like some of the origins weren’t set properly.

After I checked all the assets were properly measured and origins, set. I rebuilt the main building and creating the corner filler cubes did not become an issue as before with different measurements on either side!

With this lesson, I learned to be more careful and to pay attention to details and the result was a perfect modular building!


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