Base on instructor's decision :-)



Well… as I see, Michael rebuilt his Cathedral, so I did… another approach. I started developing interior part for my project. ‘Lego’ elements for space modules interiors. The Gateway for HUB in expedition on Mars.

The textures for doors are TBD. As well as equipment on the walls.
While walls and some lamps and vent elements already done with textures.

With lightmap on lamp.

And please never do these stupid things. Gateway is not a storage room for Radioisotope power cells.


Updated the door. But here without sharing mesh data. The doors move separately.


That’s enough for Gateway interior for now. Time to move on with learning course itself :slight_smile:


Finally I combined it with landing complex platform :slight_smile:


Wow! This is looking really good :smiley:

What are those “balls”? Energy resource for the thrusters?


Exactly! Fuel for landing engines :slight_smile:


Here how it looks in game build.


These are all really nice! How did you make your textures?


Blender, Substance Painter and imagination plus some references.