Barry drops down through the snow

Even after I set the layer to 10. I am following the tutorial, what’s wrong?

You’re probably missing a collider on either the snow sprite shape or the snowboard, which is part of boarder_bottom.

The tutorial says the Edge Collider spawns with a green line around everything, but not for me, even after I restart.


Please click on the concerning game object. If the green line still does not become visible in the scene window, click the Gizmos button in the scene window to enable or disable the gizmos in the scene. If you still cannot see the line, click the arrow next to the Gizmos button. A list will pop up. Look for the edge collider. Maybe it is invisible. In that case, you’ll have to toggle its visibility.

By the way, which exact version of Unity do you use? This information is always helpful because one could do some research on the known bugs in that version.

The line appears, but not as it appears in the tutorial. Unity 2021.3.11f1 is the version.

I’ll try the Gizmos.

If the Gizmos did not help either, try to remove the edge collider and readd it. Sometimes, Unity components are buggy for no apparent reason.

How are you getting on with this, @tai_an_Zhou?

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