Barrel Dishappeared?

Hi … About to Decorate my Dungeon , I have Barrel and Crate in Asset List … but when I click on them they dont highlight Full and they dont appear in my Viewport ?
Maybe I shouls just copy them from earlier saves … but weird they disappeared ?
![aaaaabarrel gone a 4 Torch |690x354](upload://sbpQhLYHYPT7oZ7nfeImQDeczUl.jpeg

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Your screenshot didn’t make it (you can check this yourself just by looking at your post after you make the topic). We’ll have a better idea of your problem once you get that sorted, but in the meantime, try Alt + H to unhide, or the visibility (eye) filters in the Outliner.


Did you hide objects with the numpad / key?
Hide everything except the selected one?

  • You can also hide the mesh inside the object.

Check those options.


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