Barbarian Blaster - damaging enemies lesson issues)

I reply to a previous ticket thinking I had the same problem but I believe it is different now.
In the mentioned lesson the enemies don’t disappear after the blaster is shooting the enemies twice.
I check the scripts a couple of times… I don’t know what is wrong.
The explanations are very very good but I am not sure that I have the full understanding to figure it out why is not working.
I have attached the project in a zip file.
Any help would be appreciate it.
Kind Regards

Ps: Apologies in advance for my spelling mistakes or explanations. English is not my first language.
[Barbarian Blaster Project - Damaging Enemies issue]

Barbarian Blaster zip project so far

Hi Antonio,

I found the issue that you are having here.
In the Enemy scene you have the group “enemy_area” on the collision node instead of its parent “EnemyArea3D”, If you remove the group from the collision node and add it to the “EnemyArea3D” then it will work correctly.

Hope this helps

Yes, I do understand the problem.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Ps: You can see with this that I still need to understand better these interactions.

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