Ballroom - no portals ended up being best

I did about 7 test renders, even changing out the types of lighting. Best result was environmental lighting outside and a general area lamp in the center. I will likely need help once I change to glass doors and get some candles burning in here.

Day 7 300 render no portals


Wooow how did you do the chandeliers??? Great looking room!

I wouldn’t mind knowing how you did those chandeliers either. Did you just use reference images, or did you have a tutorial? The whole ballroom looks great.

Thank you! The scene is from a dream of mine that I am trying to put into “words” with this piece.

I used Bézier curves to form the shape of the arms and extruded them for height and width. The I used an array with a circle path.

I duplicated the whole structure and resized it, placing it above and linked them.

I did the same thing with the candle drip plates.

By data linking them I can go back in and change the level of detail as I go, slowly making it more and more detailed.

I appreciate your comment. It has encouraged me to get back into this project which has been at rest for a little while.


Thanks Miss_B!

I wrote out how I did it for the above poster, but I wanted to make sure you saw it. If you want me to put together more of a tutorial myself, I would be happy to do so.

Oh, if you’re willing to do a tutorial, that would be great, BUT, no rush. When you have the time. I most definitely can wait. :wink:

it looks awesome!!!

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Thank you, Jada! I have been focused on sculpting and learning 2.8, but I think I just might be returning to this project again quite soon. I had vast goals for it!

I appreciate your comment. It helps to inspire me to keep going.


That sounds wonderful. I love to see the progress of this amazing ballroom, especially with lights and textures!!

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