Ballerina sketch

Here is my sweat :slight_smile: I know its nothing like Grant’s but… I’m not worried. I choose pen and paper so I can do this course while I’m at work :slight_smile: Diss advantage of this is I’m not going to erase page just to satisfy my sick Mr. perfecto. So I decided to fly by this course and I’m sketching trough nearly without pausing during lectures. Kind of training my self to just do, what asked, no more. And, I see its not up to the standard :rofl: But I’m proud to admit, I’m fine with it. I went over my head in blender course and still working out how to complete it. Lesson learned. So this is going to be Me doodling. And why the hell not :slight_smile:
P.s. I like the idea of coming of the weapon and armour - fighting genre.


I’m happy to hear your are learning a lot and seeing where you are making mistakes and focusing on improving it.