Ballarina Dancer Girl Review

Hi All,

I finished the dancing girl module and was hoping for some feed back. Please let me know how I did, both good and bad.


Dr. M.


I like the face, the legs are a bit out off position.
Shading isn’t consistent in direction.

Thank you for the feed back. I see where the legs are off, I think that was because I filled them in after the dress. Next time I will remember to wait and make sure the anatomy lines up. For the shading, I am not sure where the inconsistency is, would you point it out? thanks!

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Shadow hair, sun top left corner.
The left-arm shadow under, but right arm more or less right side.
Belly/body shadow right.
Pose shadow is more topdown.

I think you’re combining ambient (reflective light/shadow) with light source shadow casting.

Thank you, I will work on it a bit more.


Dr M.

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