Ball is bouncing higher each cycle

Weird thing. My ball is bouncing a little higher on each bounce. Friction = 0 and Bounciness = 1. Any one know how to fix that?


I have the same bug.

What unity version are you using?

Hi both,

  • Select the Ball prefab
  • Locate it’s Rigidbody2D component in the Inspector
  • Set its Collision Detection to continuous
  • Retest

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks Rob. That worked. Now I am curios as to why that worked…

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I believe it is because discrete collision detection allows the ball and the paddle to overlap a little before the collision is detected. The ball is, therefore, able to gain more energy as it is effectively falling further. On the second iteration, the ball has now bounced a little higher, and now has further to fall and will overlap, thus, gains more energy again, bounces higher… and so on…


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