Ball gets stuck in the wall - wall glitch/breach 0

I went a bit above and beyond in creating sprites for this lecture, however with the bit more complex collisions walls I have set up, something keeps going wrong every now and then that gets the ball stuck in the wall and does not want to get out.

I am using the polygon collider on a sprite that i created as the frame for the game.

The ball just sways left to right behind the collider.

Below the ball is stuck in the top right on the light, which is just a sprite that is part of the whole frame with a few corners here and there.

Can some one please help?

Thanks in advance.

glitch1 glitch2

With what is provided, all I can suggest is to change the collision detection to continuous if not done so already from the default discrete.

Good day David,

That seems to have worked, The walls also feel harder now, where they felt very soft before as if the ball kind of went into the walls a bit.

I will test it a bit more, but it seems that it works now.

Thank you for your help.



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