Ball disappears after 2 to 5 seconds

the ball is disappearing after 2 to 5 seconds how can i come through that

please help me

Please be more patient. Just over 20 minutes is definitely not an acceptable time frame to expect an answer. Posts are generally answered in 24 hours but please allow for 48 hours before bumping.

I believe I’ve already told you about this, consider this a warning not to do it again.

With that said, please provide more information. What course? What lecture?

I am very sorry and the course is of the blueprint one

And where are you at? What section and lecture?


Hi there! I’m going to need a little more information in order to be helpful.

First, which section/project are you in? Can you still see the ball actor in the world outline? If so, is the ball where you are expecting?

i am in section 1 and i have finished the section 1

can someone answer me

You did not answer @Tuomo_Taivainen’s questions

Yes, I could see it

And yes its in the place where I expected

Ok, is the ball moving at all? It would be most interesting if it’s moving along the Z-Axis.

Yes it’s moving and even x axis

If it’s moving in the Z-Axis when your game starts, ensure that there is collision for your maze.