Ball clips through corners of maze even with speed clamped

The speed of the mouse X input is clamped to -1/1, and this works fine for keeping the ball from clipping towards the center of the maze. The ball still clips out when it is towards the edge of the maze since that are is moving faster than the center.

Easy fix for this?

Hi Tree,

This is definitely a tuning problem, which is something you’ll encounter frequently when developing games and working on projects. The easiest fix is to adjust the clamp until the clipping no longer occurring.

If you don’t want to lower the clamp, you can also remake the maze to have thicker walls as well. The reason why this works is that it lowers the probability of the ball moving far enough for the collision system to think the ball has not collided with the walls.

Yes, I would prefer not to lower the clamp, I’d like players to be able to move the maze a bit more quickly if they so choose.

Ok, you’ll definitely need to redesign your maze to have thicker walls then.

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