Baking Issue - Blender, Substance Painter

I’m having some issues when baking my high poly model to my low poly one. Checked various tutorials and could not find any solution that could further help:

  • I marked as Seam every hard edge I had on my asset(they were many), and then UV Unwrapped with a 0.02 margin:

  • I also have my other high poly on the same position as the low poly (what’s pinkish it’s the high poly)

  • I then uploaded the low poly into Substance Painter, and when baking, I first of all notice from the preview that some spots are red, and remain red even though I change the Cage Distance -

  • After baking everything, I first notice the black artifacts I get around the asset, but the most noticing parts are where the ‘metal’ on the upper part of the chest meets the wood -

As my workflow: I created the low poly version of it, I subdivided and then remeshed it in order to sculpt. I also saved multiple versions of the low poly chest.

My question is, is it a problem with my Low-poly version of it? What exactly should I do/edit?


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