Baking Base Colour to one image

I used high-quality original textures so took a while to bake but im happy with what I have.


good progress, the front plane is however 90deg rotated. up-down masonry. Instead of left to right.

If you mean the front of the top segment that is intentional as sideways bricks would fall out. I know the corner isn’t perfect. If you mean the arch on the map in lower left corner, I’m not sure why it has come out that way but it renders correctly as the bricks are parallel in relation to the arch. IS it an issue?

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No, it part of the learning curve.
You can manipulate the uv-mesh, so it will fit nicely.
But is partly a problem introduced, by the type of texture.
No worries!

Looking good. Nice texture.
The vertical bricks are probably wrong in the original you baked from. That UV just needed rotating 90 degrees.