Baking a Normal Map

So, my attempt to create a normal map for my Asteroid somehow went so horribly wrong that it deserves a cosmic facepalm… to the point where the program reassembled the UV Map in the wrong order :astonished:

It’s obvious which is which but, these are both taken at the same angle with no rotation to either model. Not sure where I threw the pooch out with the bath water…

So, two months and a dump-truck load of frustration later, I have returned to my original project… Somehow this time the normal Map looks decent

here are my High and Low Poly Asteroids

  • The Left one is the HP Asteroid
  • The Right one is the HP Asteroid

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I have to be honest I can’t really tell from the image, but I think the one on the right has some areas that look smoother…

…if I am wrong, I will blame it on these old eyes :eyes:

Whops HP , not LP, shouldn’t do this things in the middle of the night.
I change my vote for “The right one is HP” :roll_eyes:

With 10,930 tris, the right one is indeed the High poly model compared to the left which has only 672 tris

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