Baby steps - The beginning for those who loves nostalgia!

Hello, hello! :slight_smile:

So, I can’t compare to anyone here, because I am a “Blender Infant”, still moving and colouring meshes around and making them shiny. I just hope that one day I will be close enough at least to be able to visualise my stories and characters, my creative world a bit well… I hope!

This post will be more like turning you back in time and reminding you of your first steps into this amazing software :smiley:

Without further adieu - here are a few of my Udemy Blender course “stunning” creations… and I love them because they are mine with all the imperfections:

Don’t be too harsh, please! :relaxed:


Good first steps, and we’re glad you’ve shown your work this far!
It’s important to show your work and ask questions!

Do the challenges, even if you don’t like them. And if you do like them spend more time on the subject. Don’t stick to long at a problem or idea. The goal is to get some knowledge of the tools Blender offers. So that you can break down your design into parts that you can build in Blender.

Blender is basically all about efficiency, how the move the vertices on spots where you need them. And that takes time and practice.
Do small projects, re-use the knowledge of previous projects and build your skill up!

Have fun!


They are way better than my first ones. Good work!


Thank you so much, for the replies, the advices and the encouragement!

That means a lot to me!

Thank you! :relaxed: :heart:


As @FedPete said, it’s important to get a basic knowledge. So you can transfer that knowledge on things you want to build. And it gets easier as you progress through tutorials. On this way you collect the breadcrumbs you need :). So keep on going! 2nd step lays ahead of you!



This hits home, because that’s on my to-do list for the future (focusing mostly on Godot right now). Enjoy the process of getting there, because Blender is absolutely capable of creating those realities, and Grant is the best instructor around =)

If you do run into problems, ask; that’s why these courses are built around a community. And by all means, baby steps, it’s a touch early for this, but don’t be afraid of the Blender Collab. It’s a great source of inspiration for the small projects FedPete mentioned.


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