Ayy LMAO Breaker

Hi everyone! This is my “Block Breaker” game, I had some difficulties during the making of the game because I wanted to put certain elements during this stage of the course when we had not learned how to bring up items when you destroy a ship, or something like that. It took me 8 days but only two scenes to share with you, when I focus on something I try to do my best and so this was not as I wanted but it’s a good idea, do you think? (Sorry for my english grammar)


You need destroy the space ships. If you won the game screen go to the “Lose” screen because it’s only a test, the idea is show you the level concept.


I can see you have put a lot of work and hours in @Irving_Viveros. A nice design and look. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I too have found it hard to let go of block breaker and have learned a lot on the side while modifying the original. Another week and I may have something to show!

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Thank you for the comment! We need motivation to keep up and these messages are the fuel. My block breaker is in progress, it’s not completed and I’m already in the next seccion of the course, I thought the next seccion (obviously) teach me some things that I need to improve my Block Breaker game and is it! I know you’re doing a great work too, when you finish your game I like to play!

I’m with Paul on this one. Great work so far man. It’s clear how much work you put into this and I enjoyed playing it. I’m also stuck on the break breaker game adding all sorts of stuff including lives and a scoring system where you get extra lives whenever you reach a set amount of points (the amount you need doubles every time you get a new life). If you would like me to show you how I added those elements, I’d be happy to assist you. This community is all about helping each other make products they can be proud of. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I will have something I’m proud of soon as well to show off! Also looking forward to trying yours @Paul_Land

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