Avoiding pitfalls

My question is Unity/Blender related. I’ve seen a few exchanges mention ways to prevent future debugging issues. e.g., Resetting scale as one goes along. Is there a reliable source for other common problems ? Like a cheat sheet of concepts to be aware of, or something like that.

At this point, I would sever a finger if it prevented future problems. I’m working on something in the background, and I would rather not get to the end and find out one tiny issue botched the project.

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As a general rule of thumb other than good modelling practices i can only offhand think of a few things that majorly trigger issues for me.

  1. Scale as you mentioned
  2. Applying modifiers (Although generally exporting does this)
  3. Bone rolls (But this is usually picked up when testing the rigging in blender)
  4. Forgetting to save images with texture painting.

There is no cheat sheet as such as it really depends on what you are exporting and to where as well, An example if i remember rightly Unity doesnt care if the character has its skeleton called Armature but unreal used to and may still do kick off if its not called “Rig” (I may be corrected on this as my unreal is fuzzy)

Hope this gives you some sort of answer to your question.


That’s actually a great start. Two of those four, I didn’t know. The rigging section would certainly be problematic. Thank you Marc.

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