Avoiding conflict in the forums, especially when asking for help

I think this is a very useful lecture. I have worked in software development for decades and have spent quite a bit of time working in testing and QA environments and would agree with all of the points made in this lecture.

My one criticism would be when Brice answers his own question, he uses the phrase “dummy”. I know this was only a demonstration of how to ask and answer questions on the forum, however, I think it should be pointed out that responding to questions, particularly in a “beginner” type course, with negative remarks against the person asking the question is harmful to open discussion in a forum.

I know this sounds quite thin-skinned or picky, but if you want an open discussion where any question (if phrased appropriately) can be asked and answered, it might be useful to try and keep negative remarks out of the discussions.


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Hi Kim,

Nice feedback, thank you. The original Unity course was released in 2015, I’m sure @Ben would agree that the team have refined their delivery of the courses time and time again.

I hope you will find our community friendly and supportive and I look forward to seeing the games you make as and when you are ready to share. :slight_smile:

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