Avian Assistance, my version of Argon Assault

Premise of the game: birds have become infested with an unknown, potentially alien bacteria that causes them to fly nonstop, as well as becoming highly aggressive. Some of them will attempt to peck at you, some will spew infected vomit from their mouths.

You must pilot an experimental drone capable of launching a targeted antibacterial fluid which will neutralize the infection, freeing the birds.

The vomit from the birds, despite not being able to infect the drone with its bacteria, is still highly acidic and will deal damage to the drone. Meanwhile, getting attacked by or colliding with an infected bird will result in catastrophic failure. To counteract these attacks, the drone is outfitted with sideways thrusters allowing it to quickly dash out of the way, with a short recharge required afterward.

Your goal is to get from one base to another, with multiple refilling stations along the way, acting as checkpoints. Your drone can only carry so much antibacterial agent, so you’ll want to use it sparingly on birds that you think will likely get in your way, but as the load on the drone gets lighter you will also be able to move faster.

Multiple species of birds have been infected by this bacteria, and each of them will do different things. Some move quicker, some dive at you, some will attempt to fly in front of you while vomiting at you. There are hundreds of these birds flying in all different directions, so be careful out there.

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