Autumn Tree Themed Dragon!

Hi I wanted to share the dragon I made as part of the Blender sculpting course!

I love autumn colors so I themed my dragon around that with leaf like wings, tree branch antlers, and a pinecone for a tail! I uploaded a video here to show off the translucent effect on the wings:

I also tried to upload a sketchfab thing - couldn’t get the translucent mask to work with any of their settings, but still cool:


This instantly made me think of Nidhogg as depicted in Age of Mythology.

I like that your dragon itself is still brownish; it makes the wings feel more like leaves on a dragon-shaped tree. This is really nice ^v^


Insanely good !!

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Cool! I find it very creative, and with the skills to support this creativity. The autumn theme is neat, with quite some intriguing details.

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