Autotile Editor Issue on Mac

I’ve followed the instructions on how to convert the tilemap to an autotile, but when I get to the step where I click on autotiles at the bottom, All I see is a blue screen. I’ve tried multiple times and occasionally some of the tiles show, but most of them are obscured by the blue screen. If I click bitmask, I can see the tiles (through a red screen), but the tiles aren’t visible in any of the other options. I tried the 2x tilesheet, and got the same results. I’m unable to continue with the course, so any help is greatly appreciated.

I figured it out. I saw another post where someone mentioned the grid lines are cyan, which is the color I was seeing instead of tiles. I played with the properties and finally reduced grid size and I started to see the tiles. Grid size of 0 appears to be correct. No idea why it defaulted to 256.

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