AutoPossessing Pawn on Play not working anymore

I am following the new 4.22 course, and I am the start with the new BullCow project, however while I was working on my project and running it for a test , I realized that when I hit play I do not automatically possess the pawn, but I have to also click Possess, to gain control of the character.
I clearly remember that I did not have to do this, and that the pawn was automatically possessed once I hit play, however this seems to have changed suddenly, while I was writing some of bullCowCartridge code, I don’t remember to have done any change to the settings or to the map (and most importantly to the code of the game mode or engine)… so I am very confused why this happened.
It’s not important, but it’s clearly annoying, could someone help me get the auto possess back on?

I just realized the play setting was in “Simulation” and not in “Selected Viewport” so the game was only simulating without the player getting possessed.
Thanks anyway.

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