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Good that you cover version handling. As a developer, I am used to systems, such as Subversion, Mercurial, GIT, etc, but I guess that might not be suitable for Blender.

Actually, one thing you might want to mention is Blender’s built-in file version increase feature. If you save your file with the name “MyWork01”, for examile, and then modify the work, and then do “Save As…”, you get the file dialog again. In the file dialog, just press the plus [+] key on the NUMERIC KEYPAD, and the number in your filename will increase by one. You can then just go on and save a usual. I use this all the time, and it is pretty handy. Then you of course need to delete the old files that you no longer need, but that is another story… :wink:



Coming from a software development background, I was expecting a bit more about version control as well. I’m guessing the authors decided anything more meaningful would be beyond the intended audience. As a topic in the middle of nowhere I would recommend covering it earlier where other user options are discussed and tie in mentioning the auto-save options. It may also be useful to point out more complex version control is available outside of Blender or as third-party plugins depending on user needs.


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I have been using Git fairly successfully with my blender stuff. Thought the size of the repo can get rather large, and you may want to clean them up from time to time.
also of note there is a pretty good basic starter video series for git available for free on for those not coming from a development background.


Great tip Carl! I will use this for sure…thanks a ton!

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I was unsure what “save versions” in blender actually did after watching the video, so was someone else, so I’ll just link to the answers in the Q&A here, in case someone else pops in here searching for an answer :slight_smile:

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I also expected the use of version control systems such as svn or git. The problem I guess with blender files is that they are binary so version control is more a case of keeping duplicated copies of the files.

If you create a local SVN repository, I guess this would be ok bearing in mind they can get huge in a hurry.

Hi Carl,

Good that you mention this. It’s a nice little feature I stumbled upon a while back as well and thought to myself when wathing the video, “why don’t he mention that built-in version function”.

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I tried to look for best practices for Blender version handling. This is one page I found:

Anyone find any other interesting on the topic?

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