Autocomplete bug(welp)

after i press tab after writing if, inside condition or code section
autocomplete doesnt seem to work
this there any work arounds

Are you the person who sorted this out on Udemy?


how do you sort this?
and vs code intellisence is incredebly slow
it doesnt keep up with keypresses
it takes 7s to update intellisenc everytime i type

vs code,extentions,settings all are on m.2 ssd
ryzen 2600x
rx 570
16 gb 2666mhz ram

can you please give me the settings and extentions
folder of vs code
i know where and how to place those

Could you show a screenshot of your extensions (Ctrl + Shift + X)?

it is not that much
it is cpp extention pack
and ue4 intellisence fix 1.6

and c# was recomended by vs code for some reason

I think you have conflicting extensions as you have the C/C++ extension from Microsoft and C++ Intellisense by austin. You should only need the one by Microsoft.

i got that recently
before posting about this error
it would be great
if you could give me the extention folder found in
and .vscode folder

i was wrong
it is after i installed that extention
thx :slight_smile:

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