Audio Trigger issue explained in the video


My issue with the Audio Trigger is a bit different to what Ben is showing in the video.

For Ben what happens is:
The raycast sees the collider and therefore ignores the enemy and so he sets “Ignore Raycast” so that the enemy would be detected.

For me:
The sphere collider which is added by the audio trigger is extending the detection area for the enemy.
I did the audio trigger exactly the same as in the video and I dont understand why its different.
The collider is part of the gameobject and so it makes sense it would be detected as the enemy.
The raycast would detect the collider as part of the enemy and show me the attack cursor for the range of the collider.
If I set “Ignore Raycast” on the gameobject, which is the enemy, then the enemy is not detected at all.
I understand the logic of why its not working for me, however I dont understand how its working for Ben.

Thank you

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