Audio doesn't work

I’m on the Unity Audio Introduction video and i did just like like in the video but doesn’t get any sound at all (working in unity 2021.3.2f1)can someone please explain?

Hi Eyal_First,

Did you test the sound clip in the editor?

If you don’t know how to do that: Select the sound file in your Assets folder. Then the Inspector should show you information on the sound file. At the bottom of the Inspector, there should be a mini player with a Play button. If you click that Play button, you should hear the sound.

If you do not hear the sound, it might be that your operating system disabled the sound in Unity. If you hear the sound, the problem might bei either in Unity or in your code.

Make sure the sound is not muted in the Game window. There is a ‘Mute Audio’ button in the top horizontal menu bar in the Game window. If your game window is too small, it might be that you do not see all buttons. In that case, make the game window larger.

If the audio in the game window is not muted, add a Debug.Log to your code to see if the code that’s supposed to play the audio clip gets executed as exected.

Hi Nina, thank you for replying
i tried to test the sound like you said in the inspector and it does’t work.
i haven’s put it in my code yet but it seems that the sound is not working at all
can you please elaborate about the operating system disabled the sound in Unity? ןi think it might be it

First of all, check if you are able to hear sounds on your computer. Watch a Youtube video or something like that.

If you are able to hear sound in other programs but not in Unity, find the sound that does not play in Unity, and play it outside of Unity. Before wasting your time looking in the wrong place, you want to exclude that the sound clip itself is the problem.

Once you made sure that everything but Unity works, click the sound icon in the tray, then ‘Open Volume Mixer’. It should look similar to this or this (also check the answer marked as the solution). Look for the Unity icon, then check if Unity is muted.

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