Attempt at modeling a human body

For my first try, I did not want to add (too much) detail, because I knew that some beginner errors were inevitable. Here’s the result.

It is rigged by the way.

One thing that I’ve learned is that the angle of the arms must be 45 degrees, because at 90, the deformation of the shoulders is somewhat wrong.


This guy looks great @Svetlin_Balkanski, well done - the quality for a first try is amazing! Have you used other products previously?

No, I’ve learned everything in this course. I guess drawing knowledge helps somewhat.

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That really is fantastic work - well done, I am very envious of anyone with these artist talents :slight_smile:

looks great! Proportions are really good too, I’m terrible at those, so mine end up looking alien-like

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I don’t think I could get the proportions right when modeling without using a background image for reference.
For learning to draw or model the human figure, I recommend Andrew Loomis books. They were wrongly considered to be public domain, but are now copyrighted and reprinted by Titan Books.

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Thank you for sharing the information @Svetlin_Balkanski :slight_smile:

Wow, great work! congrats!

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