Attack Range System + Fix Character Overlapping

This is how I implemented an attack range system.

1 - Create an attackRange Rectangle in the Enemy Class with the enemy’s worldPos.x, worldPos.y and the desired attack range.

    Rectangle attackRangeRec{worldPos.x, worldPos.y, 400.f, 400.f}; 

2 - Update the attackRangeRec.x and y position in the enemy tick function and centralizing it (kinda).

   void Enemy::tick(float deltaTime)
    screenPos = Vector2Subtract(worldPos, target->getWorldPos());

    attackRangeRec.x = screenPos.x - attackRangeRec.width / 2;
    attackRangeRec.y = screenPos.y - attackRangeRec.width / 2;

3 - First check if the enemy isn’t colliding with the character, then check if the character is in the enemy’s attack range.

if(!CheckCollisionRecs(GetCollisionRec(), target->GetCollisionRec()))
            worldPos = Vector2Add(toTarget, worldPos);   

4 - To see the attack range rectangle use a simple DrawRec function.

DrawRectangle(attackRangeRec.x, attackRangeRec.y, attackRangeRec.width, attackRangeRec.height, RED);



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