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I am trying to attach my rocket’s parts to each other using Ctrl+Shift+mouse_movement but even when i am moving my mouse just a little, the object i am dragging is moving in Z much more.
I am trying to attach bottom of a rectangular nose cone to the top of rocket body but a little mouse movement is moving it either too far in Z or too close in Z. Please view the video at the below link “” for clear understanding of my issue.
This was not happening the last time when i was attaching the boosters.
If anyone faced same issue and know how to fix it then, please help.


When you want to move something along an axis, use the arrows. If you use the box, it might be that Unity selects the “wrong” side. As you can see in your video, a yellow rectangle appears. When you move the game objects, it moves in your or in the opposite direction.

Hi Nina,
Sorry for the delayed reply.
If i just use the arrows to adjust, the nose cone might move inside the rocket body or there might be space left out between the two. So, to avoid that, i was trying they way Ben showed in this lecture.

I found out the reason for the unusual movement issue. It was happening because the nose cone was part of the RocketShip Object. Once i moved the Nose Cone out of RocketShip, i was able to properly move and attach my nose cone to the top of Rocket Body using the rectangle.
After adjusting it, i again made the nose cone, a part of the RocketShip.

Thanks Nina, for having a look at this issue.

Does that mean you were able to fix the issue?

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