Atomic.h syntax error

Hi . i tried to rebuild and do all the step once again but with no good.

when i try to Build after adding the UE_LOG line it says i have an error and missing “)” in 188 libe in Atomic.h

i tried to add it , but when i do a new problems comes us so i need your heko please. this is what i got:

i saw there is a disscustion about it here , but not a solution yet. any idea?

I think i got it. with some google search this is what i found and it seems to work

struct alignas((UE4Atomic_Private::TIsSupportedSize<sizeof(T)>::Value) ? alignof(UE4Atomic_Private::TUnderlyingIntegerType_T) : alignof(T)) TAtomicBase_Basic {

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