At the end of this lecture I have this warning

The layout “C:/Users/something about my permissions/AppData/Roaming/Unity/Editor-5.x/Preferences\Layouts\default\Default.wlt” could not be fully loaded, this can happen when the layout contains EditorWindows not available in this project.
UnityEditor.WindowLayout:LoadDefaultWindowPreferences ()

Things that disturb me:

  1. Its writing to C:
  2. Editor 5.x - really?
  3. Why is it trying to load a default.wlt when I have chosen a custom layout?

Is any of this important, probably not, but it does get annoying when I have to refresh my layout due to warnings and errors.

Unity stores layout data in a singular place, so that you have a consistent look and feel across your projects. Unfortunately, sometimes some projects have EditorWindows that other projects do not, and the layout file can have information about a window that doesn’t exist. You can ignore this, or reset the layouts.

Yep, virtually every program out there does at some point.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Window layouts are the name of the window and the pane/position. That hasn’t changed a bit since 5, so they just keep using that location. That way all versions can find it.

Because the name is misleading. Default as in That’s what we’ve been using, and in the absense of some change, that’s what we’ll keep using. It’s updated whenever you quit a project. It’s not Default as in “this is what Unity ships with”… That comes from Reset all Layouts.

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Much appreciated, thank you.

All minor stuff that I hope helps others as well as myself.

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