At the end of Blender Material Nodes Mastery: Create Spectacular Textures

I reached the end :slight_smile: First of all I would like to thank Stephen for putting together this course. It contained quite a lot of tips and tricks about procedural material creation in blender.
The reason I took this course was to have better understanding about how can I create procedural materials in general, but I feel I have not improved on that. As I mentioned this course did taught me a lot about procedural material creation, but I totally do not feel that I can create a replicate for any material from scratch.
But anyways thank you once again for this course.

And I also would like to ask about the copyrights of this generators/materials that we had created in this course. Can we use those in commercial projects or just in personal ones like a portfolio?


You can use them in any project you want, thers no copyright issues with using any material you created in the course. The only slight issue is if you have image files within your materials, just make sure they are CC0. Every image I used in the course was CC0. But all the node groups, generators etc are totally free to use


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