Asylum Escape: An GameDevTV project gone rogue

I present to you, Asylum Escape:

After Completing the 2D unity course, and most of the 3D unity courses from, i felt comfortable enough to tackle my own project from start to finish on my own (and google). My first solo game/prototype. I took the design doc from the final 3D course project, and ran with it, skipping the final course (sorry GameDev, ill watch the videos now).

Any feedback or suggestions would be gladly appreciated, balance, issues, bugs, improvements, etc. Thanks for the journey, and hopefully you enjoy!


Good job on your solo project.
As for feedback, the game needs higher mouse sensitivity, it takes forever to turn around. That or a mouse sensitivity option in the menu so people can adjust. This is part of core gameplay so if it doesn’t feel right it’ll make people drop your game fast. Higher FOV setting would also be welcome.
Another issue is that the mouse doesn’t immediately get hidden/re-focused again after selecting a power-up which leads to misfires or clicking off the game window.
Not sure if enemy spawn is somehow related to keys but I found two of them pretty fast (maybe a minute or so) but when I left a room there were like 30 dudes everywhere and I still only had the pistol. I basically couldn’t go anywhere without drawing aggro of at least 5 mobs. The enemy spawn rate seems a bit too high.


Very nice for a first game, well done!

I like the attention to detail in the zombies being able to get through doors and the way they collide into them. The power ups and random key locations are a nice idea for replayability.

I tried a few times but couldn’t survive to the end, enemies seem to spawn frequently and the drop rate of items feels comparatively low.

The reload mechanic is a nice idea, however in the heat of an encounter it seems better to quickly press R immediately to reload as quickly as possible compared to waiting to try and maximize damage per shot. And when you have time between enemies to reload safely it’s a little odd to be able to try over and over again until you hit the sweet spot.

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