Astral Fox 64

Taking a literal approach to a Star Fox type game, my theme is set around earthy and, lots of water, type environments. Ship movement and camera controls will be modified to be a bit different from the course to better match the controls of the game it’s inspired by. So here is the evolution of Astral Fox 64.


I like that you added music.

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Ship added.


Seems like a pretty tranquil place for a battle!

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Some basic movement. (Lecture 87)
Just softened it up a bit more than Ben did.

Custom new energy weapon particle system, and sound effects.


Latest Fly Through:

Uses my custom waypoint script: Smooth Waypoint Follower Script 📄

This is really solid. Always loved Star Fox - looking forward to seeing more!

Great work. Looks awesome!

dude how you get this done i’m stuck and going crazy i cant make movement smooth like this

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