Assets not found in lecture 1.6

In lecture 1.6, there is a link to a zip file with assets. It appears that link is no longer valid :frowning:

I contacted support about this yesterday and was going to let you know when the link is repaired, but I still haven’t heard back (EDIT: the team is now aware and looking into it). I also just checked and the link is still broken. It’s probably just a series of unfortunate events behind the scenes, as these issues are usually fixed pretty fast once discovered.

What you can do in the meantime is download the finished project and pull the assets folder from that. Here is a direct link:

Just click the blue “Code” dropdown and select “zip” near the bottom of the menu. I’ve had a look inside and there shouldn’t be anything in there that would be different from the proper resource link.

Here’s hoping the rest of your journey through this course goes smoother! =)

Thanks! I actually contacted support as well and they were not remotely helpful. The rep I spoke with mentioned something about a new platform and that users that had purchased courses were warned to download assets as the old platform would be going away. Naturally I had no idea what he was talking about due to the fact that I had purchased the course the night before and had received no such email. He also pointed me to, which was also broken.

All that to say… thanks again!

Oh wow. I can only imagine there was some kind of misunderstanding, because that is just completely incorrect. Possibly they were thinking of Unity Skill Builder; I saw some conversations about that. Anyway, glad you can continue with the course now! =)

Apologies that this escaped my radar but i wanted to add some clarification to what i think might have been said by the live support team.
Some of the asset packs that were purchased on the old system would not be available for sale on the new system and so that was what was being referred to as to downloading them before the old system was taken offline.
I apologize for the confusion caused with this.

We did have an issue where due to a UI confusion with the storage system we use caused all assets to be removed from courses and with a fault of our own some of the assets had the same naming convention so when they were uploaded they either renamed them or got overwritten so the linking was incorrect.

We have been fixing these as you can possibly appreciate its a needle in a haystack job of finding those ones that need renaming and relinking to get them working again.

I appreciate the patience students have shown during this period of change and i can honestly say we are constantly working to improve the processes as we adapt to this new site and make new upgrades to the site itself.

I apologize its taken a while to reply to this

All the best

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