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I’m doing an animation where the lamp will kick a bowling ball to set it into motion as it goes down the alley. I’ve been changing the lamp size so that it looks appropriately sized alongside the other assets before proceeding with the rigging and animation.

What do you think? Is the lamp the right size relative to the ball and pins?

In cycles, I seem to have some splotchy squares along the shadow line on the bowling pin. Any idea how I can fix this?

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I’m no expert on this sort of thing, but the first thing that comes to mind is . . . have you checked to make sure Normals are all facing in the same direction?

I don’t have the latest version of Blender installed . . . yet, so not sure exactly where to check that.

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Thanks, Miss_B
I checked normals. You can do this by going to the overlay button torwards that top and checking “face orientation”.
Interestingly, the entire bowling pin had consistent inverted normals. I flipped these so that they are all the right way around now, but the problem with spoltchyness at the shadow terminator on the pin persists. I think this is probably a setting in cycles, but am not sure.

I think the lamp could be bigger but I would just measure the items and scale tham to real world approximate numbers.

I believe the ‘shadow terminator’ thing is fixed by the camera and view clipping settings usually letting it get closer.

This is Cycles problem, due to the low mesh data (too low poly model).
Add and apply a subdivision modifier.

Naamloos (3)

But I see now, How to Use The NEW Shadow Terminator - Blender 2.9 Cycles Tutorial - So problem solved with 2.9

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Awesome! Many thanks, FedPete. Blender 2.9 object properties->Shading->Shadow Terminator Offset of 0.05 fixed it.


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