Asset Library Structure and Strategy

I’ve seen a number of people ask about different ways to structure asset libraries in Blender, so I figured I’d share my own approach.

I love how customizable the whole system is. And there’s probably no single best way for everyone. Personally, though, I’ve come to love having a “global” asset library – something that sits fairly high up in my MacBook’s folder structure – with stuff that I make for general-purpose reusability.

From there, I’ll add more project-specific asset libraries (such as one for this course :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) or third-party asset libraries (such as the one from Blender Foundation) as needed:


I did this, using Blender project files on NAS server.
But that solution slows down the process.
Because the speed of the network and NAS, makes building the library slow.

So I abandoned that process. Now using HD PC, but has less capacity.
I have a lot of old Blender projects. Need to clean up … :wink:

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I start out with good tidy intentions but soon everything ends up messy anyway, lol.


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