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Hey, hello all,

It’s been 2 month now that i’ve finished C# course season 1, i’ve follow other courses, tutorials and others things and I’m focusing on RPG course now.
Hard to focus on it because each time I think at something for my futur RPG I take other search, tries … And it’s from one of these ‘think at something’ things that I’ve made a floating healthbar hover my player.

At this, I’ve think that, yeah it’s nice I’ll add that to my ennemies and everything that could need one … Hum, it could be nice to generate this more easily and in some sort of automated way :smiley:

And so the idea’s born and the coding part began ^^

And today, i’ve submitted my first asset on Unity Asset Store. But it takes time to have a validation so I would like to give you all, who can be interested by that functionnality, an opportunity to take a look at it and give me feedbacks (please :stuck_out_tongue: )

So here it is on Github : https://github.com/Dieedi/FloatingBars
Direct download link : https://github.com/Dieedi/FloatingBars/raw/master/FloatingBars.unitypackage

There is a readme inside to understand how it works.
For the main part, it opens a window with informations to automatically add a floating bar on a gameobject with given value/colors/sprites you want.
For techies part, I’ve used ScriptableObjects to create float Variables (inspired by unity tutorials) and add them with there controllers to instantiates them. Manipulating EditorGUI to make my creator/edit windows. I’ve tried to comment all the code if you are curious on how it works.
I think that there could be many improvement on my scripts (feedback please :stuck_out_tongue:) but it can be interesting to look at.

It’s a V1 with base functionnalities, V2 is in my mind with some improvement but I have lots of things to do before :smiley:

Here are some screenshots to see how it is :


@ben here is the health bar you ask as last challenge of course 1, isn’t it ?

These look really nice - I’d use them!

I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting them onto the asset store though. They can be quite picky when it comes to things like health bars, since there’s already so many packages available that offer them.
It looks like you’ve added some decent functionality though, so here’s to hoping that they do accept them.

As soon as I have a project that requires this kind of health bar I’ll give yours a go and let you know how I get on with them.

Keep up the great work!

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