What got you into gamedev @Kevin-Brandon


I got into gamedev with the Unity 2D course. I wanted to learn how to program so I can make an app called Happy Food. I thought what’s better to learn how to code then by making games. So I started my game dev journey. I ended up practicing with the courses for a long time and started to think maybe I could get a job in the game dev industry when I move to LA to help pay the bills. I was so naïve to think I could learn game dev in a couple months and try to apply to Naughty Dog as a gameplay programmer. Nonetheless, I started to improve my skills by taking the Unity RPG course and reading game dev books. After reading The Art of Game Design I realized I wanted to be a Game Designer. I started studying Unreal, C++, Blender, Writing, 3D Math and Drawing to reach my goals at becoming a Game Designer for Naughty Dog. That’s when I officially said I want to be in game dev as a career. Now my goal is to start a studio or go work for PlayStation Studios. My goal is to create amazing experience with games that can inspire people.

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