Ask the question


Finally going through the course, thanks @Rick_Davidson great content, and I had to pause it when I got to the section on “Who can I ask” as I wanted to share something that helped me on this subject.

A few months ago I had a lot of doubts about moving forwards with a lifelong dream of creating games, got the bug creating text adventures on my ZX Spectrum, due to one very specific mental roadblock. Can I start such a big task when i’m only months away from turning 40?

I already follow a lot of indie developers on Twitter and decided to speak to one, Tom Happ creator of Axiom Verge. Even just tweeting my doubts helped a lot. I had a lot of tweets back from Tom’s followers some devs themselves all very positive but I also got a reply from Tom again very positive pointing out that I have far more life knowledge and experience that a 17 year old starting the process.

Bit of a ramble so apologies but the point i wanted to make is to not be afraid to ask.


Great stuff Chris, thanks for sharing. If you don’t already, I recommend following Gary Vaynerchuk and watching his videos on a daily basis. He is very positive and very real and often speaks about things like “Im too old” or “Im too young”. When it comes to being an indie game developer, age is irrelevant because no player has ever launched a game and asked themselves “hang on a minute, how old was the person who made this?”. If you want it, then go do it. Make sure you have a way of supporting yourself financially, because it takes time and will require at least a couple of misses before you get a hit. And you’ve already discovered the magic of reaching out and asking for help - keep that up and it will snowball with more opportunities to connect to other folks.

Keep us posted!