ASCII Art for Terminal Hacker - Ice Cream and Your Name on the Walk of Fame

Here are my win screens for Terminal Hacker Levels 1 and 2.

Level 1 Win - Ice Cream
Terminal Hacker Win Screen - Level 1
Your reward for helping a chef recover the password for his smart kitchen network.

I originally wanted this screen to display pancakes, but after messing around with slashes, brackets, and parentheses for a few minutes, the image of ice cream came naturally, followed swiftly by that of a waffle cone.

Level 2 Win - A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Terminal Hacker Win Screen - Level 2-2
Turns out that movie producer that you helped in Level 2 had some connections, and he hooked you up with your very own spot on the Walk of Fame!

This screen takes whatever name you enter on a name input screen (which I placed before the main menu) and writes it in this star. Your name will even be properly centered!

I placed a 10-character limit on names, but this screen specifically should be able to take 15 characters maximum without pushing against the edges of the star.

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