As usual Rick leaves the tutorial with more questions than answers

Rick makes so many mistakes and skates over stuff he thinks he can get away with. Every lesson he says “I will tidy this up later” because he knows its poor quality, imagine if Ben said that during coding. Rick is taking sloppy to a whole new level. I keep changing my rating of this course. After watching Ben the rating goes up and then down after watching Rick. I just slump when Rick’s face pops up for the tutorial.

Why can’t Rick have nice slides to explain the animation timeline and how the controller is working - laziness or lack of knowledge or both maybe?

There is an error: Assertion Failed: Assertion failed on expression ‘timesSinceLastUsed >=0’ I noticed Rick gets it but then ignores it. The timeline is expanded but he doesn’t close it just mumbles that it doesn’t get in the way. He forgot to scale the empty… I could go on but honestly its amateur hour.

A real shame

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Hey Stephen, Rick was in a transition from focusing on pure design, to being much more involved in the coding. I’m confident 95% of the issues with his teaching have been resolved now, and would be happy to hear otherwise if you don’t agree.


I do not see a problem anywhere in Rick’s lessons. It is necessary to keep in mind that the course is designed for beginners. The lessons are very comprehensible and clear for beginners. If you want go deeper, you must find another sources of knowledge :slight_smile: (it’s not a matter of few minutes/hours…) Rick’s and Ben’s lessons are beautifully presented and “nice pictures” are not necessary in this lesson… Thanks for this course!

I’ve somehow watched the same videos without so much as a hiccup in my design development or production.

The Timeline is known to be a bit finicky being a relatively new Unity feature (from a platform already not known for its animation tools). The course is already incredibly extensive, with each ~10 minute lesson “introducing” a concept or two that could surely warrant their own deep dives, if deep dives on specific features is what this course was about. I suspect he didn’t mention the Controller because though automatically added by Unity with an animation - its specific to Unity’s State Machine/Event System, which isn’t needed here

Lucky for us Unity’s documentation and community is robust for just that. Lucky for you, you were just introduced the tools and their applications in a real world context to now better know how to effectively utilize those resources for your own particular needs :slight_smile:

Intersting read…

I am yet to be at this stage of the course. So far everything as been a smooth ride with this course. I hope it stays that way till the end.

Good luck all

Is there a specific point in time in the video you’re talking about. The only flaw i could see is the rotation in the timeline is off but if you look at the discussion people talk about problems that he may have not discusses or your curious about. Remember this, when it comes to this line of work you have to be self reliant and thats what makes you better. You can come here on the discussions or do you’re own research as i do. Im sure Rick took your critique and will apply it sometime but make sure to be respectful at the same time they are great teachers and have made a great community that is willing to help.


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