Artifacts in rendering

Hi there !!
I’ve made this render, but I’m getting too much artifacts on the final image.

How could I get rid of it !? Is there some tutos !?
The model is here.
Thanks !

In general, the higher the render sampling the fewer ‘fireflies’ you should get in your image.

How many do you recommend !? I’ve made 500 samples for this one.
Thaks !

Depends on the amount of fireflies you are getting. Here is an article showing several ways to reduce the fireflies:

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Thanks Jackson, I’ll try and post the result render !

I’ve followed the instructions on the article and did 1000 samples for this one.
Really works !!


Looks great!

With your help, thanks again !

These Fireflies appear, when your scene has odd lighting or too complex reflection and transmission. You can keep that in mind for scenes you plan in the future. With glass I would (in most cases) use the “Light Path” node (I do not know what you did to fix the problem. Did not watch the video yet). It defines what rays ignore your object (in the Mix node is that the upper node input) and wich do not. That means with the Light Path node you can say that only the camera cares about the glass(
Mix Node:
Fac: Light Path -> Camera Ray
Shader1: Transparent
Shader2: Glass Shader).
With that technique you do not need a high samples number and though the technique is not real and kind of a hack, it still looked good.
About Blender Guru: if you do not know him yet so well, he gives good tips and offers quite pricy but good curses and assets

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