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While I am part of the C++ and Blender courses, I am not part of the art course for the time being, but I am taking an art course through Udemy. However, the courses main means of communicating and sharing is through Facebook, which I do not have, nor do I like posting on the Udemy site. If find that it gets cluttered.

I do not mind the community here and although this art course is not part of your own courses, I was wondering if I could post my progress here for that course instead. I find it useful when others comment: encouraging me where I went right, and even if I went right, how I might improve. It is nice to have any project looked at, and I find it a handy motivational tool.

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I’m not sure if you can do that, but I’m also not sure if you can’t.

I saw your question a few hours ago, I tried to find the rules for the forums but I wasn’t able to find them, so maybe we could summon someone from the team for a direct answer. @Marc_Carlyon

I figured I posted it in the wrong spot the first time, so I reposted it right in the art section.

I considered this a fair question since there were various topics asking how one might be able to reach out to the students and make them interesting in forming a community and not just a by-way stop for the sake of lectures.

In regards to my own art, I would not advertise what course I am taking. Only have a place to catalogue my improvement, but also to help inspire for those who are taking art.

I will give your suggestion a try.

Mmm… no one is answering, so I’ll share my experience here. I have uploaded and written a lot of things on this site not related to the courses at all, so I suppose there are no issues with uploading your progress.

if you have access to GameDev you can publish a lot.
But please consider it is not about promoting yourself, but learning by posting your work and progress. And learn from the feedback you (hopefully) get.

My experience is that by giving constructive feedback, or solving issues, you learn also a lot.

Basically all has been said :slight_smile:
As long as you arent directly advertising and you use the show category rather than ask you should be fine.

I wonder if discord is an option though as its more real time and can be less cluttered.

In any case you are fine to share your work in the show section :slight_smile:

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One option could be to create an “Artists Journal”. I see people doing that here with their other work, so that they and others can see the progress over time and have a “go-to” comment section.

That is good to keep in mind, and something I have had in mind. But since I have no “pointers” to a website or blog I don’t actually have, nor a means to contact me professionally that should remove any potential issues.

The course I am taking will remain anonymous, and the work I would present would be set as challenges.


This week I will challenge myself to do realistic human faces (which is tough in and of itself) in pen/pencil, 10-20 minutes. Tell me where I can improve.


If this somehow does not seem to fit what your community is doing, by all means, just say so. I have enough from my other courses to post this and that. The artwork can take care of itself and will show implicitly in the other work.

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