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I had posted a topic looking to share some art as a means to have them critiqued and to challenge myself. However, even though the devs agreed it could be done, it seemed improper for it to be a lone endeavor.

So why not an Art club?

It has precedence with the Blender club already.


It could:

  1. Help sharpen ones art skills via challenges. This would be particularly useful for those that have taken the GameDev art course.

  2. Be a mixture of traditional art and computer 2d art (such as photoshop works), each according to one’s preference.

  3. Expose members to other styles, topics, and techniques that could broaden their imagination

  4. Have a place for their art to be critiqued, encouraging improvement

  5. Have a place to share techniques they may have picked up and help others in their own artistic journey.

Considering the community’s “ambiance”, the art club should steer away from gesture drawing like art, or anything that would be considered higher “maturity” rating. This is not Deviant Art, which I find to be a depressing place.

Side Note:
Challenges could even resemble the format used for concept art within the game industry: Give a basic description what you would like, and let the imagination take over:

Genre: RPG
Object: Enemy
Specific Traits? Small, weak, flies.
Environment: Snow.
Weapon: Projectile and pierces

This becomes a good criteria for judging works: If it fits the specific criteria, even if it is a very simple drawing, it passes.


(None of these are my works, just simple image searches)

If the first could fly and had something that showed it could shoot lasers out of its eyes, it could pass. The second, if smaller, would pass. :slight_smile:

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