Arr, Mates, let's play some Cutthroat!

First I want to thank Ben and company for their awesome Udemy course. Their simple to follow instructions gave me the confidence I needed to start and publish my first game. I only made it 1/5 of the way through Glitch Garden before I decided that they had taught me enough to start my project.

Three and half years later (I know right, I had to finish my two degrees and raise a family) I finally published my app on Android and IOS. It’s called Cutthroat Spades. It has a simple design, but there are many things going on under the hood. And it has Pirates!

And Ben, now that school is out I plan to finish the Udemy course. I know I have only scratched the surface to what can be done in Unity and I am really excited to learn more.
You can find the game with the links below…

Googe Play Store
IOS App Store


I played the game on an android device.
The game has nice and clean UI. :ok_hand:
Really liked the way you have arranged all the various game elements(in the game scene) in an elegant manner.

I noticed that there is a slight jerk in the main menu elements after each rotation.
Also I feel that using the “leaderboard” to start a game was a bit misleading.
The google sign in was also not working.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I am quite proud of the UI myself. I’m not really an artist but I took a few lessons and learned to make buttons and such.

I am not sure how to fix the jerk in the main menu elements, but I know what you are talking about. On my iPad there is no jerk but my lower speced Android table there is. I will look into that more or perhaps someone has some advice.

Could you elaborate more on what you mean about misleading with the the leaderboard, as I’m not fully understanding what you mean?

Google sign in: it should attempt to sign you in when the game firsts loads. Then the button should say “You are signed in with Google Tap to sign out.” Then if you are signed out it will say “Sign in with Google.” So which way was it? I’ll test this more myself.

Google and Apple are complete opposites on the sign in. Google requires a sign in/out button while Apple won’t allow you to have one.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I am very close to having the IOS version up to date as well. This new update will also have an Easy mode for those wanting an easier time to get through the story. And many other improvements.

Edit: On the “leaderboard” perhaps you are meaning that you was unsure how to start a game because “leaderboard” doesn’t imply “start a game?”

For testing, I have unlocked the first leaderboard tourney, but I did have it set up so that you had to complete chapter one in Story Mode before you could play in the Swabs tourney. Would that help you think?

Most fans of the spades game have never even played Cutthroat, plus this version has many unique rules as well. So, my idea was to teach new users the basic rules of the game in Story Mode before turning them loose in the Swabs Tourney.


I believe I’ve discovered what was causing the jerky movement. I disabled Pixel Perfect on the Canvas and it seems to have gone away. The docs read: Enabling pixelPerfect can make elements appear sharper and prevent blurriness. However, if many elements are scaled or rotated, or use subtle animated position or scaling, it may be advantageous to disable pixelPerfect, since the movement will be smoother without.

Yes, without :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s correct.

When I press “Sign in with Google” it shows the google play icon and activity indicator. But then on pressing the badge icon above the “Sign in with Google” button the label below it shows
You failed to log into Google Play.

“Make a great game for an eager audience and you will make money”.
Hopefully this game will achieve that success. All the best.

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That’s great.
Thanks for explaining how you resolved the issue.

Okay, I’ll go over the log in and work out the issues there.

The Leaderboards button will eventually be replaced with Multiplayer button, then multiplayer and leaderboards will have its own panel. Single Player will then replace Story Mode. But what to do in the mean time I’ll have to think on that.

And thanks for the successful wishes. I really like that quote and I know there is an audience out there for card games like this and I aim to make a great game, so hopefully it goes well.

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This website might be helpful with UI/UX ideas.

Also the person who created the created the website has mentioned(at the bottom of the page) that she can give free advice on game UX design.

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Hey, thanks so much for that link. That is going to be really helpful!

Also, I’ve investigated the log in issue. The only time it should say you failed to log in is when you actually failed to log in. It sends a log in request to google, and then if that fails it will tell you it failed. However, the first time you attempted to log in it apparently failed, but I didn’t have code in place to tell you. When you hit the Leaderboard Icon it attempted to sign in again, but this time it displayed the failed text. I added code so that both attempts will displayed failed if you fail to log in. There are reasons for failing such as no connection to internet, or you may have canceled it, or wrong log in info.

Hi Larry,
If you can update the game or send an apk which logs messages(success, failure and reason for failure) of google log in, I can check it using “adb logcat” command on my device and report the messages back to you.
I am using Mi Pad with android 4.4. The current message that is shown when sign in is pressed is
I/Unity (26614): Building GPG services, implicitly attempts silent auth

Ok, I’ll have an update soon. So what you are saying is that you are not able to log in at all on your device? I guess you checked to make sure you can log in else where? What device is it exactly? The minimal api level is set to 4.0.1 so yours should be good. Unity has a new update and so does Android Studio so I’ll update all of those for the next build as well.

Yes, google log in is working in all other apps.

The device that I am using is an android tablet.

Ahh, we just realized that users who downloaded the Unreleased version for Android cannot test the Leaderboards and Achievements yet because they have not been officially published. Android is different than iOS on this. So, the white listed testers will be testing the leaderboard/achievements over the next few days then we’ll officially publish those so all can test them.

If you would like to be added to the list of testers for Android or iOS for the new Leaderboards, Achievements, then drop us a line at We will be officially publishing those for Android sometime in the next few days.

Greetings all, the new update for Android and iOS is near complete. There are two things to note about this update.

  1. To preserve your saved game on iOS, you must quit/save the game at the choosing dealer screen, then install the update.

  2. With this version, you can still play chapters 1 and 2 for free, but you will have to purchase “Continue Story” to unlock the next chapters. However, if you have already completed Chapter 2 you will be grandfathered in for free.

So, if you want to progress through all 6 chapters for free, knock out those first two chapters. This should be pretty easy. Just don’t tell Mary Red I said that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ahoy mates, we’ve had a few updates of late. Mainly a few tweaks and bug fixes. But, we are preparing for multiplayer. We’ve managed to get over 2k downloads on Android and iOS so we are really excited about that.

Our developer site has been up a while and we wrote the story about how Cutthroat came to be which was featured on the front page of MadeWithUnity a few weeks in June. The link is here.

We have also created our first promotional video…

Until next time, keep the wind in your sails, mates!

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It’s been long while since I’ve made a post, but I’ve been busy and many things have been added. The app now has multiplayer using Photon for Unity. It is mainly setup for players to create games for their friends at the moment, but we will be doing a new match making ranking system in the future.

We also have 4 player partner mode for custom games.

Another big addition is we have integrated PlayFab for user accounts. Players will now be given a default username and can register later to save games to the cloud, recover their account, and save their current level between multiple devices. There is also a new currency called Swashbuckles that players can earn by completing tournaments. Swash can be spent on things such as new Chapters, using the Recall ability, and replaying a hand.

This app is a good example of what all can be done with a very small and novice team using the power of Unity’s development tool and using software created by their third-party partners.

And let’s not forget Ben and his fantastic Unity Development course!

Check it out :blush:

We are using google log in is working in all other apps.

The device i personally use is great.

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