Armory thus Far (Back room)

Using the lecture’s methods i made some backroom furniture for my armory.

The armory is supposed be a well armored garage with a strategic/leisurely backroom.
The motive was to have something relevant for a game.
The gun cabinet area is under developed but to save time I’m going to check out the next lectures for now:

Shown in the images is a slightly modified M4 model that was given to me.
I’m going to add my own soon provided the section doesnt take me too long. (actually, my sketch called for an M240 in the backroom, but oh wells xd)

There’s actually no door to the backroom because I didn’t like the one I made with Mike’s method, but It was looking swell anyway so though I’d share.

Everything was made with the intention of configurable LOD.

The table legs are bezier curves so that I can add as many automated cuts to them and edit thier shape:

The tips are added after converting to mesh object with a couple extra faces.

The table top and the cigar&tray are designed to support extra sub divisions:


The Chair base is a bezier curve with configurable resolution:
1 Resolution:

6 Resolution:

The chair seat was made using the Deform Mesh method. This was a very unconvential method for the chair seat. Thus I will have to reduce the level of detail later if desired, by dissolving edges.

^As you can see there is some extra detail that can be removed or baked.
It was made initially by deforming this mesh object using this curve:

After this I edited a couple of the end pieces, but otherwise decided it was time to apply the modifier.
This is the mesh without the curve deform modified applied (edit mode):

And this is with the curve applied:

Afterwards I beveled the edges:

Then began adding the detail I originally imagined:

I would have been much better off making the chair from scratch by extruding, but I wanted to find a way to implement each method shown in the lectures.

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The UE4 table and chair actually looks very different if you compare:
And the thing in the center is a glass statue, not an ash tray, believe it or not :laughing:

But the idea is similar.

I actually made sure not to look at Unreal’s version til after I was finished, haha, having subconscious inspiration from it.


And here with more of a military green applied:

I wanted the backroom to be casual when strut into though, hence the yellow color in previous screens.
(with the missing M240 giving it its ballsack)

Although damn changing the wall color works well with that green:

^grenades would normally go on those other shelves but I did not have the drive to model such a stress-inducing object :stuck_out_tongue:
I would like some grenades and AT4 all is alot of extra work to model without a practical reason at this stage


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