ArmaRunner for Android

Are you familiar with animals in a pub? :upside_down_face: Well, you’ll soon be… As soon as you’ll press the start button, a volcano erupts violently and spoils the fun of many animals. You are looking on a safe distance how animals try to evacuate the city. The game drops you in an adventure as an armadillo with a midlife crysis, who’s trying to run down the mad mountain. It is technically an endless runner game, but I would lie if there isn’t an end in it. Technically it isn’t an infinite runner. Survive for the full 4 minutes and reach the highest score as possible, and you’ll win the game.

Link to Android Play Store

Link to Website

Do you dare to play this game? Feedback is very welcome! :star_struck:

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Great game, amazing job with the pixel environment, here’s the score I got after a couple tries, I wonder how close I was to winning.

Amazing game, one I haven’t seen before, really impressive!

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Thank you for your awesome comment! This motivates more to work on it. To be honest, your score is quite amazing. Most of my friends reached a score around 1200. But you’re half way. We’re still struggling with the difficulty. Does it get to difficult too soon? What do you think? Or maybe 4 minutes is a bit too much time… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Id say the difficulty is good, started out easy and progressed nicely, I’m thinking you could make levels to your game, that way you can keep adding new ones with updates, you section out the level you made into 10 or so levels and then you don’t have to worry about making it longer, rather to just add more levels, just a thought. :grin:

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I’ve checked again and you where appearantly around 70% of the level. And that’s actually not a bad idea. What do you think about the following: Every level has its reason why the Armadillo flees from the mountain. :joy: Bar fight, tornado, evil kittens running down hill… Each level can be unlocked after succeeding the previous.

Would that work? Or would the segment idea be better?

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Yeah that would be great, it would give the user more sense of progress, also if you do decide to do that, is implement a saving system so that they don’t reach level 5, close the app, then are on level one, great thinking with reasoning to get the armadillo of the mountain, here’s an idea

Levels 1-5: Fire themed(original)
Levels 6-10: Bar fight
Levels 11-15 Tornadoe

Something where you have a few levels with the same theme just more difficult, almost like the candy crush games, as you go there’s different themes with a solid few levels dedicated with that theme.

And then with each update you do, you can introduce 5(or however many you want) levels which are part of a theme, Christmas comes around, you update with a Christmas themed set of levels

Then you can decide whether to keep all the levels back to back, or modes such as seasonal(Halloween Christmas) classic(fire, angry kittens) and endless.

Some thoughts from me, I’m excited to see you progress further with this game

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I’ve added it to the backlog. Will start working on it soon. Thanks for your support! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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