Argon Assault -> Dargon Defense. Build complete

Hey all! I finished putting my personal touches in for this project.

Hope some of you enjoy where I ended up

Thanks for trying it! :slight_smile:

Hi I have played your game. I didn’t done the Argon Assault section but when I was playing the game I didn’t defeat the boss. There was still some energy but then it appeared the score screen

I don’t know if this is a bug or something I just wanted to tell you this.

Hi good job with the game. I also encountered it ending early. I think probably that was just the end of the timeline so we “ran out of time” to finish.

Thanks for the feedback!

I went back and noticed what you have mentioned. It looks like its likely the speed of the level transition once the bar is depleted. It doesn’t have time to update(visually) and stay on screen once the score screen is called.

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